Senin, Januari 31, 2011

gold prices are stable and tend to rise

today's world gold price is relatively stable and well maintained, gold today is that many goods in the search by many people to use as ornaments in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings and many more. in addition, gold can also be made a means of investment or savings for a number of people by buying gold today and sell it in the future. profits taken by many people in because the price of gold from the past until now always go up from time to time.

Talking about the price of gold, started from the 12th of September 1919 there were 5 banks that have determined the spot price of gold or gold in U.S., euro and poudsterling. Changes in spot gold occurs 2 times a day that is on at 10:30 GMT and 15:00 GMT. The 5 banks fix the price of gold today is the Scotia-Mocatta (part of Bank of Nova Scotia), NM Rothschild & Sons, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and the latter the Johnson Matthey and CSFB. With the new system today that uses a small flag, making the process of delivering the gold price becomes easier and more efficient in comparison through the telephone. Until recently, investment gold bullion is the best way to make savings in the future for many people in this world.

until now, the reference price of gold is still a benchmark or reference for calculating the price of gold in the world. Gold prices tend to stabilize and increase investment in land makes a very safe and profitable so that's the way to you in reaching financial success.

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